We built and grew many a testing practice from ground up.

In our experience, we have seen different levels of people needing help in succeeding.

Freshers from college transitioning from an academic mindset to the corporate culture, have to endure a steep learning curve. Foundation Trainings play a very critical role in “landing them” in their new roles.

Next, when people become leads or managers – they struggle with the whole new skill set requirement – planning, estimating, strategizing, people management, monitoring and so on… We have Manager Trainings catering to them.

You might have very unique needs for your business and we can create customized training programs for you.

Not just that, we have experience in Consulting – defining processes, auditing them and refining them. If you have situations where processes are not rigorously followed – either the process itself might need fine tuning or there could be a gap what the process training and actual implementation. We provide consulting services to unearth the issues and provide solutions.

In addition, we have done assessments using TPI, TMMi; Based on customer needs, we even created NEW assessment frameworks for Test Automation to suit client needs. You can count on us to do the traditional test assessments or customized assessments.