Fresher Hiring Process

Nowadays there are high volume of freshers applying for job as there are more engineers passing out every year and it has become quite a challenging task for HR and recruiters during the selection process. All major IT company choose their trainee employee through typical selection process. Those are:

1. Written test – includes Aptitude and Technical examination
2. Group discussion
3. Technical interview
4. HR interview

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Aptitude test to assess professional and personal skills of a candidate.  This test includes numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, vocabulary test, and quantitative aptitude. They consist of multiple choice questions. Sometime with negative marking for wrong answersintr1

Technical test is to test the level of technical knowledge of the may be on programming language like C or java or operating system like UNIX or windows. As a fresh engineer, candidates are expected to be strong in their engineering will help them to clear the technical written test.

GD – Group Discussion is second step process to evaluate candidate’s personality and communication skills. Here candidates are asked to debate on a topic or subject for limited time. His/her group behaviour and communication skills plays an important role. One must clearly express their view points. Few candidates will be eliminated in this round

Technical interview is challenging one and is to test how good the candidate is in technical field. He/she has to have good clarity and practical knowledge about the projects they have listed in their resume. Software Engineering basics about programming, operating systems, databases and computer networks will be asked during technical round. Evaluation of technical skill will eliminate few of them in this round

HR interview feels good as its final round of the selection process. HR person will conduct the interview and may focus on questions relating to motivation, level of commitment, productivity and flexibility as an employee and questions that probe candidates on their knowledge of the company. Language skills and other competency skills will be evaluated in this round

Hope this gave you quick review on the selection process. For more tips on how to prepare for Aptitude, technical test and interview check out my next blog!!!