Why do we need peer review?

Let’s discuss why we need reviews in the first place before going in to peer review.  We all know that defect prevention is the best thing.  The next best thing is find defects early.  This significantly reduces the cost of fixing defects.  Reviews are great to – Identify & remove […]



Fresher Hiring Process

Nowadays there are high volume of freshers applying for job as there are more engineers passing out every year and it has become quite a challenging task for HR and recruiters during the selection process. All major IT company choose their trainee employee through typical selection process. Those are: 1. […]

How to ace a group discussion?? Here are few tips!!!

In campus recruitment, group discussion plays a very important role in the selection process. Usually it consist of 8 -10 candidates in a group with an evaluator who selects the candidate based on different parameters. A topic for discussion is given to the group and each participant has to give his […]



How to prepare for Aptitude and technical exams

Aptitude and technical tests for selection of technical/IT personnel is very common these days. Typically, this is where the first elimination begins.  These test are used to assess your problem solving skills, logical reasoning and technical knowledge. They are mostly multiple choice questions. You may be asked to answer the questions […]

Tips to prepare for an Interview

Time for an Interview??? And you have no clue about how to crack it?? Just read through the content below. Hope this helps you start your career to some extent. You are a fresher or if you have just graduated college, have no professional experience or little relevant experience, even […]



Challenges in Software Product Testing- by Srini Raghavan

There are major differences between a Software Application and a Product.     Due to the above differences, A Software Product Life Cycle (PDLC)   differs from a Standard Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) in certain ways and even more from a testing perspective. The Key challenges while testing software Products are: […]

How do successful people get the right job?

One of my friends was looking out for a job and was finding it difficult to land the right job!  I was discussing with him on what kind of job he was looking for and what has been his approach in searching for a job.  Before I tell you about […]



Software Test estimation – What to consider

Estimation is the core activity of any project manager and often gives headache.   Managers have to balance between being aggressive to get the business and also ensure that the project does not go into RED due to shortage of resources. Test Estimation assumes a little more complexity, due to the […]

How to measure the success of test automation?

I have been toying with Test Automation for the past 15 years and one thing that keeps coming up time and again is how to measure the success of test automation. Initially, we used to measure % of test cases that were automated.    We set a goal – X% of […]

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